Small, Enormous Kindnesses


Last week, I walked into Subway to grab a quick bite before heading to a choir rehearsal. I had experienced quite a day — a load of stress in the morning, followed by some help with that same stress in the afternoon. I was ready to enjoy a sandwich, then sing to my little heart’s content.

I simply expected to go through the motions on this plan, then get back in my car and drive away. But my experience opened up in a wonderful way.

And it was all because of a person working at Subway.

When I stepped inside, I was the only customer. When he started to make my sandwich, he asked a simple question, “So how was your day?” It was nice to be asked, but mainly, it was how he asked. I could tell he asked with intention, like he really wanted to know.

“Well, it started out rough, but it actually got better.” I went on to tell him about a helpful phone conversation I had with someone. He took real interest. Then I had the chance to ask him how his day was going. He shared some things too.

This personal encounter was so refreshing. When I sat down to eat, other folks came in, and again, he asked all the people how their day was going. This pattern of asking this question with interest really seemed to have a wonderful effect. He was cultivating an occasion where simple, authentic kindness was positively impacting people.

It was truly refreshing.

This is everyday communion.

Yesterday, I wrote a piece about the Eucharist, pondering if among other things, the Eucharist is a proclamation of eucharists — an announcement that moments of everyday communion can be cultivated and found all over the place.

I think this moment was a wonderful expression.

Good gifts.


Every day,
Every moment,
Every meal,
Every relationship.

Renee Roederer

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