Solidarity Eating

These days, I’m on a Cancer Solidarity Diet, eating and drinking some of the same things as a loved one who is going through cancer treatments. In the midst of this, some who know me well will find this rather shocking: I have temporarily given up coffee.

Move over, daily rounds of multiple cups of Joe.
Enter lots of green tea.

These eating patterns involve a combination of 1) choosing alkaline foods over acidic foods (coffee is really acidic) and 2) anti-angiogensis foods. That’s a big word to describe a process of reducing the growth of blood vessels in our bodies, as these can allow some challenging things to grow along with them.

In other words, in both categories, lots and lots of fruits and vegetables, lentils, and green tea. If you know a loved one who has cancer, or if you want to learn some eating habits to reduce the risk of cancer, I cannot recommend this video enough:

And all of this has brought up a recognition in my mind that when we eat, we are always connected to others, perhaps in ways we’ve yet to ponder.

Yes, we may enjoy the same foods in a moment of connection, or we may even make food choices in solidarity. But beyond these, think about how many people are involved in the making of even one food item. . .

Who planted this? Who tended to this? Who watered this? Who harvested this? Who brought this to a grocery store? Which employees stocked it and checked it out? Which restaurant workers made this into a meal on a plate?

Who gets paid in this process and how? Who has access to this food? Who doesn’t, and why? Whose land is used in this way, and whose land has been occupied?

When we sit down to eat, we are always connected in one way or another. So I wonder what kind of communion could be created if we pondered these connections more intentionally?

Perhaps somewhere within this awareness, we also find,

Good gifts.


Every day,
Every moment,
Every meal,
Every relationship.

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