Today’s piece is a repost (which will be obvious since it mentions 2017!) but I thought it’s appropriate to today. Love comes in many forms. Love is loving us to being in many ways. Love is opening us to wonderment in many directions.


This is my word for 2017. It’s not an actual word, of course, but it’s my best attempt to describe a reality that is difficult to name. It’s a wordless feeling for the reality of human connection we experience when we know each other deeply and are deeply known in relationship.


It’s a feeling of wonderment when we see people living fully as themselves.

It’s a feeling of gratitude when we get to witness people being fully alive.


When we were crossing into this new year, I had this feeling one day and realized that try as I might, I could not come up with a name for it. Have you ever had a moment when someone you care about says something or does something that brings you to absolute wonderment in who they are?

For instance, we might imagine an adult who just happens to catch the precise moment when a child discovers something new. “Oh, look at her. ..” that adult might feel  deeply within herself, along with a sense of gratitude and wonderment at the chance to see it happen.

Heartspace is that “Oh, wow. . .  isn’t he wonderful?. . . look at them go!” feeling.

We might describe it as a swelling sense of pride, except that would fall short, because it’s not about us. It’s about the other person. But it’s filled with connection.

We feel this for people we mentor.
We feel this for our friends.
We feel this for our children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews.
We feel this for our partners.
We feel this for strangers we chance meeting – people who demonstrate a sense of aliveness in the ways they’re living, calling us into greater aliveness too.

There are so many moments, so many memories,  when I can remember this swelling feeling of wonderment-connection. I know I have felt it for others. I know others have felt it for me.

I decided to name this Heartspace. When we feel this for one another, we enter that reality.

I want to prioritize it in 2017. This kind of love and connection keeps us grounded. It keeps us going. Most importantly, it gives us sacred opportunities to see people thrive, not on our own terms but theirs. It is a beyond-ourselves kind of love, but in it, we find ourselves too.

Yes, let’s have more of that.


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