Care — Never Underestimate It!


My friend sent me this surprise gift in the mail last weekend. As you all likely know, I really love Fred Rogers, and I look forward to reading this book. I was so grateful to receive it.

Alongside that, I also found myself pondering the gift of being cared for… the surprise of receiving… Just wonderful. That is a really incredible gift and something I never want to take lightly.

We never know how simply thinking of a person, then letting them know, impacts their day or fuller direction.

I really believe this to be true:

Moments of care and connection — even small ones — can be so transformative. These gifts of care and connection help us endure in times of stress and struggle. And they help us thrive in times of energy. I don’t think we should ever underestimate them!

So when people pop into our minds, maybe with gratitude, or maybe as we remember a need they’re facing, let’s reach out. Let’s say we’re thinking of them. Let’s add the affirmation we noticed. Let’s help people feel seen in times of loss or challenge.

This really changes things.

Renee Roederer

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