The Joy of Small Stories

I’ve been thinking a great deal about stories and have decided to tell some here during the month of August. It’s easy for us to recall stories that are especially hilarious or meaningful, but sometimes, the small stories sustain us in special ways.

Like last Saturday.

I was at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market, when I saw a student I know, working at one of the booths.

“Wanna paint me?” I heard.

“Okay!” I responded with some enthusiasm.

This student had a lot of face paint and wanted me to create whatever I’d like. I said, “I’m not a very good painter.”

“That’s okay,” the student responded. “You can make whatever you want. It’s just about connection and bonding.”

That was a sweet thing to say and a great way to frame it. So I painted, and we connected and bonded.

This is the joy of small stories.

Renee Roederer

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