If for one day… (don’t lose heart)

Photo credit: Cptvdisplay by Wags05, public domain

I wonder what it would be like if everything shifted, even for one day, and all the news stories focused on what is going right in our world, all the stories of transformation, all the stories about caring for neighbors — even the daily, mundane love and care that happens on a regular basis.

And what if for one day all the news stories covered the incredible acts of movement-building that are taking place, activists calling us in better directions with crucial demands, people speaking truth to power, neighbors imagining visions of greater love, and communities protecting the vulnerable… What would that be like?

There is undoubtedly so much pain, violence, and trauma taking place in our world. This needs our attention, empathy, care, and action.

But these vital, empowered movements are happening too. Goodness, love, and care are happening every day. We need to turn all of these toward the violence, woundedness, discrimination, and isolation around us.

It’s hard work. But it’s also happening. May we not lose heart.

Renee Roederer

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