Unexpected Joys

(Photo and story shared with joyful permission)

Sometimes, unexpected connections are the most delightful. They remind us that many forms of friendship and goodness take place every single day, though these rarely make it into the news cycle.

Earlier this week, I was leaving the Michigan Arboretum when two women asked if I could look up some directions for them. They had arrived recently from France and needed to get to a rental car location, but their phone battery had died. When I looked it up, I realized that it was a really long walk, so we just went together in my car.

But we all had time, so we also took a walk before that, and in the process, we became fast friends.

They asked a lot about Ann Arbor, and they told me about Paris. We talked about religion and politics (remember how you’re not supposed to talk about those? They came up quite naturally). And together, we absolutely geeked out over the colors of leaves and took photos.

I love when unexpected connections happen. I did not expect to go sight-seeing in my town with two hilarious, smart, inviting women from France this week. But it happened, and I was delighted. Now we’re friends.

They also invited me to Paris. ❤️

Renee Roederer

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