Days of Gratitude


November was filled with gratitudes. Literally.

Of course, I had my own gratitudes. From beginning to end, November contained a remarkable amount of significance and meaningful connections, including memorable conversations, long hoped for reunions, and stunning surprises. By the time the first week of December rolled around, I needed some rest to recoup just to settle within the energy of it all. Such a gift.

But November was filled with gratitudes in other ways as well.

During the fall semester, I did something I’ve hoped to do for a long time: I assembled a new circle of undergraduate students and recent grads. Together, we have formed a group that meets monthly in my home to share meals, connect personally, make connections between spirituality and the rhythms of life, and engage in some shared practices. In November, this led to a month of gratitudes.

They had chosen Gratitude as a discussion topic for November, and when we were finished with our conversation, we decided we would use an app called Group-Me (group texting) to share daily gratitudes with each other throughout the rest of the month. So every day of November included five to ten photos sent by members of this new community, along with a comment or a story of how the people, places, and experiences in the photo brought them gratitude.

The notification sound for my Group-Me app is unique and isn’t used for any of my other apps. So every time I heard that sound, I had this little burst of joy, aware that I was about to see and learn about another gratitude from a member of our community. I also enjoyed sharing my own photos and stories with the group.

It was so refreshing to have this rhythm, looking for personal gratitudes to share and experiencing each day punctuated by the gratitudes of others. I recommend this rhythm of living, not only finding and recognizing moments of gratitude, but sharing them purposefully and liberally with others.

Renee Roederer

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