In 2019…

Something that’s been simmering for a while…

In 2019, I want a lot of my reading, writing, learning, and activism to move in the directions of addressing 1) ableism, 2) forms of health stigma (how stigma affects community inclusion, employment, access to resources, public safety) and 3) healthcare access.

Just putting that out into the world as an intention. I’m starting to plan some of this.

How about you? What are you intending and planning for 2019?

-Renee Roederer

3 thoughts on “In 2019…

  1. I lost my husband a year ago from a 3-year endurance test with ALS. We’d been married for 40+ years – we were such a team! We always maintained our own identities though and in 2018 I now realize “Identity” was my word – figuring out life on my own. Quite the dance to actively grieve, mourn and move forward. Life has blossomed in many ways and activism is a huge part of it particularly anti-racism and whiteness. Here’s a link to a program this past November that I produced and it’s where my heart is still pulled. ( So as I look to 2019 “Forward” is my word and I will continue my learning and study in this area of activism. Yes, living with intention and it proves that at almost 67 years old, there’s plenty of opportunity to continue to learn and contribute.


    1. Thank you so much for sharing this with me and with us. I am so sorry that you lost your husband. That is huge grief. And in the midst of it, you honor him so well. Thinking of you throughout these holidays and this transition into a new year.

      ALS is such a devastating disease. I hope that funding can move toward greater understanding, better treatment, and a cure.

      I’m looking forward to clicking on your event above and learning about where your heart is still pulled. Surely, all that is moving inside you is truly forward — moving you forward and moving so many possibilities forward in every area of your activism, living, and loving. 💜


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