Saying Goodbye to Uncompensated Labor


For Lent, I’m giving up uncompensated labor. ❤️

I don’t say this with snark, but rather, with intention. I think this is one of the most important decisions I’ve made for myself in a while.

I’m funded at about 1/3 time this year (the most funding I’ve had in this work so far! Really grateful for it too). So I’m going to start working 1/3 time with my 1/3 time Community Chaplaincy position. Plus, I’ll add a bit of time for other gigs and community projects.

I’m going to spend the rest of my time doing some personal care work and preparing myself for future part-time position/(s) I hope to add to Community Chaplaincy.

This feels really good.

I’m choosing this beyond Lent as well. But as a practice for these forty days, I’m going to learn how to prioritize so I can do in this the best way. I love all the things I do, but I have to choose the most important priorities and let the rest fall away. I also need to let myself rest too.

So here we go! Wish me well!

Renee Roederer

As for the other things I hope to add…

— If you’re looking for someone to lead gigs (retreats, workshops, keynoting, writing) I am so enthusiastically up for that.

— If you read my writing frequently, appreciate it, and want to give a gift to support that work, you can do that here:

— If you want to support the vision of Michigan Nones and Dones and this role of Community Chaplaincy among students, I am deeply grateful to have partners in this work. It means a lot. In that case, email me at

Love to all of you. Thanks for supporting me in this decision and much more, for being a really great community of people in my life.

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