Care Receiver


[Image Description: The word ‘care’ is spelled in plastic letters. The letters are set on top of a tree trunk. C (orange) — A (blue) — R (orange) — E (green). I found this image here.]

I’ve been a care giver my whole life.
I love it. I’m good at it. It brings me joy.

But these days, I’m also flipping the script.

I am choosing to think of myself as a care receiver.
And… I love it. I’m reveling it it. It’s bringing me joy.

Of course, there has been plenty of care to receive before this moment, and I have received it with gratitude. But there’s been something so wonderful in setting intention to notice all the ways that care shows up… in encouraging words… connection with people… being seen and known… laughter… hugs… food… nature…

Perhaps the difference is that I am taking it in on an even deeper level and more intentionally. It’s wonderful.

When you’ve been a care giver your whole life, you can easily come to believe that you are worthy of love and care only when you’ve earned it through care of others. (All the Enneagram 2s raise their hands). I started to move away from this mindset a long time ago, but I also did believe that on a fundamental level (and at times, an unconscious level) for a very long time.

How wonderful it is to be worthy of receiving… just because we are.

Of course, it is also absolutely true that when we receive the care offered to us, and when we receive the care around us, we often have more care to give. This is a foundational truth for care givers.

But also… we’re worth it… just because we are.

Renee Roederer

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