Our Announcement!

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[Image Description: This image contains photos of me and Dwight Wilson, then text about an exciting new job for both of us! For friends who use screen readers, I am placing the text of this image at the bottom of this post].

Well, I have some big news to share. ❤️

In partnership with one another and an incredible organization, Dwight Wilson and I will soon begin serving as the new Co-Directors of the Interfaith Roundtable of Washtenaw County.

I am so delighted enter this new chapter together.

The Interfaith Roundtable of Washtenaw County is an interspiritual dialogue community, inviting friendship and mutual understanding among local neighbors. Through conversation and reflection across religious and spiritual traditions, we come together to address the deep questions and concerns that impact our county and our larger world.

The Interfaith Round Table of Washtenaw County is also a community of care in which member congregations and larger circles of neighbors come together to provide support in moments of need and conviction in the shared practice of justice.

As I share this announcement, I want to express some gratitude:

— I want to thank George Lambrides and Susan King for their leadership as Co-Directors. They have founded this organization and shaped its direction so well for 25 years. We have gratitude for them and their work.

— I want to thank the Interfaith Round Table Board for this opportunity. I am so eager to partner with them in this next chapter. I am grateful for their energy and hope in these new days.

— I want to share with every single one of you my deep excitement in sharing this position with Dwight Wilson. He is a person with whom I share a great sense of kinship, connection, and vision. Over these years of knowing Dwight, I have benefited from his wisdom, his writing, his fervent sense of justice, and his gentleness. (Seriously, as the perfect example of that gentleness, he relishes in holding babies at the NICU every Monday. Follow his weekly Facebook posts about that, and you’ll see what I mean!) I am so honored to partner together and do this as a team.

To our local community members, we hope you will add your voices and your presence to the vision of the Interfaith Round Table of Washtenaw County. Let’s build on the great foundation that has been laid and move forward with reflection, energy, imagination, and love.

Here we go!

Renee Roederer

And a note about my other roles too: This is a part time position — approximately 7.5 hours per week for each of us — so my work as a Community Chaplain, along with all the things in my bio above, will also continue. Glad to add IRT to this vision! It fits so well!

Text in the image above:

“The Interfaith Round Table of Washtenaw County (IRT), now in its 25th year, is pleased to announce the hiring of new co-directors to lead the organization into its next phase of engagement with the local community.

The Rev. Renee Roederer and Dwight Wilson have been selected as co-directors and will begin their new positions mid-June.

Renee currently serves as a Community Chaplain in Washtenaw County and at the University of Michigan. She is the organizer of a new, spiritual community called “Michigan Nones and Dones” and also serves as a mentor and host of the Young Adult Interspiritual Community, a group of students and recent graduates from the University of Michigan who meet on a monthly basis to discuss faith, spirituality, and issues of shared concern. Renee is a minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Dwight has been active in the IRT for the last 15 years, and active in the local Quaker community. Dwight just concluded serving 8 years an Ann Arbor Human Rights Commissioner and was recently chair of the Subcommittee on Police Oversight. He also writes historical fiction and volunteers in the Pediatric Cardiac Ward at Mott’s Children’s Hospital. Dwight also served as General Secretary of the Friends General Conference.

George Lambrides has served as the director of the IRT since its inception in 1995. Susan King served as chair and then co-director for the past 15 yers. Both will be involved in supporting this transition of leadership over the next several months. A special event to honor their years of service will be held sometime in 2020.

For more information on the Round Table’s programs and services, please go to www.irtwc.org.

5 thoughts on “Our Announcement!

  1. Congratulations! That sounds like a great fit for you, and I know you will excel in this new role!


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