Ask, Seek, Knock

This week, I’m preparing to preach from Jonah 2. In this place in the story, Jonah prays in the belly of the big fish. On Smuggling Grace, I’ll post pieces about prayer this week. Some pieces have been shared previously, and others will be new. Here’s a sermon I preached in July 2016.

Smuggling Grace


[I found this image here.]

This sermon was preached at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Dearborn Heights, Michigan and was focused upon Luke 11:1-13. An audio recording is include above, and a manuscript is included below.

Luke 11:1-13

Do you remember who taught you how to pray? Do you have memories of specific people or communities that helped you memorize the Lord’s Prayer and say it aloud? Who comes to mind for you? Do you feel gratitude when you remember them?

Let’s take just a moment to think of those people. Let’s have a few seconds of silence to bring their memory to our recollection. . .

I know we’re going to say the Lord’s Prayer later in the service, but I thought we might say it together right now too, specifically remembering the people who taught us to pray. Let’s imagine them with us. Let’s imagine them saying these words…

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