Image Description: Three orange seesaws in a neighborhood residential area.

This week, I’m preparing to preach from Jonah 2. In this place in the story, Jonah prays in the belly of the big fish. On Smuggling Grace, I’m posting pieces about prayer.

This is my prayer for my community in the midst of COVID-19…

Over the next few weeks, we’re probably going to ride that constant seesaw of wanting to check social media for connection, but then… we’ll encounter some posts and news that shock us and bring anxiety.

We’ll have to pay attention to our bodies to know where we are with that.

We’ll have to gauge the difference between social distancing and those moments when we begin to turn inward in isolation due to feelings of fear, depression, and despair.

We’ll have to pay attention to our bodies to know the difference.

Even in times of distance, we can check in on each other. In fact, let’s just do that. Sometimes, we tell people that they can reach out if they have that need. But in the midst of a need, that sometimes requires energy that is missing. We can be proactive.

Does someone come to mind throughout the day? When we have the energy, we can initiate contact over distance.

We can give.
We can receive.

We’ll have to pay attention to our bodies to know which to prioritize.

Renee Roederer

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