Giving From Who We Are


Image Description: A brown box with a red ribbon wrapped and tied around it.

— I know a person who facilitated guided meditations over Zoom for free every day this week. She did this for loved ones and people totally new to her. Then she passed along the recordings. They were so lovely and helpful.

— I know a person who has been sewing masks up a storm. She realized she can make these quickly, and she’s passing them along to loved ones and people unknown to her.

— I know a person who offered to teach improv games over Zoom to a support group of people that typically meets over the phone. Many participants have never seen each other’s faces, and his offer allowed them to do this for the first time while playing together in fun and meaningful ways.

— I know a person who ran a virtual Boston Marathon in his Michigan hometown. He wanted to turn the term ‘social distancing’ on its head and encourage people to run or walk any distance on April 20 while giving to social causes. He raised approximately $6,000 to support people experiencing homelessness in Flint.

I love when people give uniquely from themselves, using their best gifts and skills and turning them toward others. We can all do this.

Renee Roederer

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