Mental Health Monday: How Are You Coping?

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I want to start a conversation today. If you’d like to chime in in the comments, I’d welcome hearing from you, and your responses could help others.

In this time of pandemic, what’s helping you cope?

It’s certainly not difficult to name what’s causing us challenge. But what coping skills, mindsets, and practices are you engaging for yourself and others?

Here’s one from me. I hold within myself a tension of timescale:

— I assume I’m going to be living like this for a long time.
(longscale timeline to manage expectations)

– and –

— Each day, I ask myself, what can I do to make this day a good one?
(shortscale timeline to take action on what I can choose and control)

And most days are genuinely good, or at least, I cultivate and receive a lot of good moments. I don’t mean they’re challenge-free. Hardly! Like for real… whew!

But there’s a lot of goodness I can choose.

How about you? What helps you cope?

Renee Roederer


One thought on “Mental Health Monday: How Are You Coping?

  1. Long Haul… I miss seeing people… in person. So many of those I know and love are far away. Being newer to the area, it has been a weird time to try to get to know a community and makes new friends. Also job seeking which is even more strange and difficult. Living alone, as my partner is working in California.

    My ways of coping during the Long-Haul:

    1) My 2 dogs (Samson & Gideon) accompany me on more outtings than usual.
    2) I have begun to make a tighter daily/weekly routine (always maleable) to help me keep the days/dates in my head and a sense of the week and time passing!
    3) I’VE BEGUN TO WRITE LETTERS AGAIN! As in, through the United States Postal Service! (Love those guys) and whom of we homebound, do not like to recieve a non- bill, flyer but a personal note of … whatever… from someone who cares for and loves us??!
    4) Exercise too, and varying that, (starting my very own cross-fit for Wendy) as my rusty limbs groan & stretch themselves.
    5) MORE ART! yay, really enjoying doing that!
    6) Limiting news exposure to just my regular evening programs and NPR in the mornings just to not be overwhelmed. I end the day, at bedtime with Pray-as-You-Go (stay) online. (Produced by the Jesuits)


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