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Image Description: Four cartoon shapes of people (orange, blue, green, and red) are lined up from left to right, and two conversation bubbles (green and orange) are above their heads.

These days, in the middle of a pandemic none of us could have possibly anticipated, I spend a great deal of time on the phone and on Zoom calls with people. This abundance of Zoom is new in my life, but the phone isn’t. I’m realizing I already spent a lot of time on the phone with people before this pandemic, and that continues. Zoom fatigue is real, and I experience it sometimes, but overall, I’ve found myself grateful for voice.

It’s taught me something about myself as well.

We all need physical connection. I would prefer to be surrounded in person with family and friends, but since that is lacking much more, I realize that I’ve probably always felt a sense of physical connection primarily through voice.

That may be one of the reasons I’m doing as well as I am in a set of challenging scenarios. I didn’t lose voice. I still hear people’s voices and often.

I’m very grateful for those voices that connect physically to my own.

Renee Roederer

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