Surprise, Ready-Made Meals


Image Description: A spread of dishes for a potluck.

Surprise food is my love language.

I love goodies. I love when someone makes me a meal. I love when someone brings me bread. I love when people give me little PayPal funds here and there to order treats. My recent love (though not too often) involves the home delivery of Dairy Queen Blizzards. Perfection.

I also enjoy cooking and experimenting with new flavors and tastes.

And these days, I occasionally receive and learn from the tastes of a local company that makes ready made meals each week and delivers them. Whenever I buy their food, there are six days between ordering and delivery.

So… I always forget at least some, if not all of what I ordered.

So I manufacture surprise foods for myself. Big LOL.

Renee Roederer

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