Image Description: Yellow wildflowers in my backyard. The buds are open to collect sunlight.

I was moving about my business inside the house when from the window, the yellow wildflowers outside caught my attention. For the last ten minutes or so, I’ve been on a Google search trail to try to figure out their name. They’re pretty common at this time of year, so I shouldn’t have to search much longer.

I’ve been noticing and appreciating these flowers over the last few weeks, and the bees certainly notice and appreciate them too. They caught my attention in a particular way at this morning because their buds were stretched open far more expansively than they are in the afternoon and evening.

This isn’t surprising, of course. That’s how many flowers operate.

But it was a lovely image at the start of a day to see these flowers so open — so receptive to the sun.

What makes us most receptive?

When do we feel most receptive?

What do we want to receive?

Renee Roederer

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