The Simple Refrains of Complex Prayers

Image: The paved pathway of the B2B Trail. Trees with brown and red leaves are on the left side of the pathway. Photo, Renee Roederer.

Anne Lamotte wrote a book entitled, Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers. The title is pretty explanatory: We’re constantly expressing these three movements of thought — need, gratitude, and wonder. Whether we choose to address them to a spiritual source or just think and feel them inwardly, these three expressions are foundational to our lives.

Yesterday, as I continued my daily hike on the B2B trail, I let my thoughts and feelings move wherever they needed to go. I felt delight, grief, curiosity, and fatigue at different points on that walk.

I realized that I too was constantly in a prayerful state of,

Maybe it’s helpful to become even more conscious of feeling, thinking, and expressing these. They connect us with ourselves too.

Renee Roederer

Image Description: The sun shines through the bright orange leaves of a tree.
Photo, Renee Roederer.

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