Election Questions

Image Description: A drop falls into water and creates a ripple effect.
Public domain image.

Some questions for reflection:

— Do you have a voting plan?

— Do you have a plan for how you will act, mobilize, and care for neighbors if this election is contested? and/or if there is election interference of some kind, or disinformation, throwing the results into dispute?

I know that people are carrying a lot of anxiety around the next couple of weeks. Support for us all in this.

It’s helpful, I think, to make some plans ahead of time for these questions, so that we are empowered, organized, and connected to each other (even if socially distanced right now) in care and protection.

Also, we can’t individually do all the things that will be needed, so…

Where is your deepest “yes,” deepest help, or deepest contribution?

What’s your best role?

What are you best at doing?

What can you best offer?

What can you best provide?

What resources do you have?

What connections do you have to other people?

How do you connect these with what other people are doing and building?

Renee Roederer

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