Midwestern Tradition

Upper Midwest - Wikipedia
Image Description: A map of the United States. The Upper Midwest is highlighted in red.
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I’ve been walking for 20 days now throughout my county on what I’ve been calling my Pilgrimage in Place.

Three times I’ve worn a particular dress, and every single time I’ve worn it, this has happened:

As I pass by, someone says,

“I really like your dress!”

And I reply,

“Thanks! And I got it for $17!”

Then they reply with, “Well done!” “That’s awesome!” or “Oh my gosh, love that!” One person even raised the roof.

Why do Midwesterners like to celebrate bargains they got on clothes? Why is this a thing? Why do I always say this? Am I deflecting a compliment? Do I know that they will celebrate this? Clearly, I do know it because I expect this every time.

Why is this a thing?

What a silly thing!

Oh, and it’s a super cute dress. 17 DOLLARS!

Renee Roederer

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