Healing Healers

Creating Ripple Effect using React | by Dhilip Kumar | Medium
A drop of water falls and creates a ripple effect. Public domain image.

“We teach who we are.”

This is something that a mentor’s mentor used to say. She may have meant a variety of things by that statement, but she certainly meant that we end up teaching, extending, and tending to others in ways that reflect the most deeply held lessons from our own experiences, the kinds that rest (at times, after a struggle) at the core of our being.

“We teach who we are.”

It reminds me again that the word ‘heal’ is both active and passive at the same time. We heal in receptive ways. Healing is something that we receive, even as we work to create the conditions that make it possible.

And when we receive and integrate healing into our own lives (and this is always a process rather than an arrival) we also begin to heal — that is, participate actively in healing of others.

“We teach who we are.”

We’ve all received; when people welcome us through their own agency, we can extend our healing and learning toward others.

Renee Roederer

2 thoughts on “Healing Healers

  1. I imagine you’ve also heard, and I’ve certainly said, “That which we most need to learn, we teach.” This has played true in my life over and over and over. I may have a deeply held belief (e.g., self-care) but unable to practice it in my own life even when I can quickly ‘teach’ it to someone else who so desperately needs to practice it.


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