“What Do You Want?”

Image Description: The Instagram logo — A square with rounded edges that is purple at the top, pink in the middle and lower right, and orange at the bottom and bottom left. Inside that, there is an outline of a white square with rounded edges. Then inside that, there is an outline of a circle and a dot to its upper right. Together, all white outlines look like a camera.

I was playing around with Instagram stories (that’s where you can post photos, memes, etc. and they’ll last 24 hours) and I decided to use the Instagram sticker that invites friends to ask questions. My prompt said,

“Please ask me a question, silly or sincere.”

People then asked their questions, and I had the occasion to share those questions along with my answers. These included time-tested inquiries of wisdom, like,

“How many Lowe’s would a Rob Lowe rob if a Rob Lowe could Rob Lowe’s?”

and, “Who is the mean girl of fruits?”

But then hours after I posted this, someone asked me,

“What do you want?”

What a good question, I thought. On one hand, we might spend a lot of time working toward personal gratification in a variety of ways, but what do we want? Like really want? Deep down?

I’m grateful I had the occasion to ponder that. I made a list and shared it. These are some things I want:

-A Big, Chosen family



-Love/Access/Affirmation/Belonging/Self Determination for All Bodies

-Horizontal Churches (working to flatten church hierarchies)

-Providing Resources for Each Other

-Belonging-Structures and Economic Systems built upon the intrinsic worth of people rather than their capacity for productivity

That’s all the space I had to create a list. There are more things I want, but those are some of them.

What do you want? Like really want? Deep down?

Oh, and the answer is, Rob Lowe can’t rob any Lowe’s, because every time he tries, he gets distracted by the health store he passes on the way.

Renée Roederer

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