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PUBLIC DOMAIN COFFEE, Portland - Restaurant Reviews, Photos & Phone Number  - Tripadvisor
Image Description: Two coffees with foam shaped like hearts. Public domain image.

At the end of the month, I always like to say thank you for following here at Smuggling Grace. At this time, for those who are interested, I also extend an invitation to support this blog on Patreon. Or if you’d like, you can also tip me with a coffee. This allows me to take out community members and provide support and listening space, so the gift extends forward in this way.

Both of these are always great gifts, but are never expected. I appreciate you being here and taking the time to connect here. And as always, thanks for engaging too. I enjoy reading and hearing your comments virtually on the platform, in emails, or during real time conversation. Thank you!

And I’m always happy to expand the audience as well. Do you know anyone who might enjoy connecting with this blog? If so, feel free to pass it along. The more the merrier!

And I wish you a wonderful summer.

Thanks for engaging in community with me!

Renee Roederer

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