The Second Half

July Calendar Picture | Free Photograph | Photos Public Domain
Image description: A paper calendar with July as the heading for the month. Public domain image.

Time has been strange, shifty, and surreal during this pandemic. Recent events can feel like they happened much longer ago, and long-ago memories can feel closer than they might otherwise. Likewise, time can feel as though it’s moving slowly, rapidly, or as though we’re cycling between both of these.

All of that brings me to this shocker: Today, we begin the second half of 2021.

In some ways, it’s hard for me to believe we’re already at the midpoint, and yet, when I think of our lives in say, January, that feels more than a year ago, as opposed to a mere six months ago.

All of this has me wondering what I’d like to experience in the second half of the year. Life is definitely quite different than it was in January.

What do you want from the second half?

-Renee Roederer

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