Joy-filled Words of Kindness

Hot air balloons spell out the word “Joy” in the sky; Public domain image.

I was on a Zoom call when quite spontaneously, every single person on the call gave each other a heartfelt complement of what they most notice in each other. It all started with someone expressing a vulnerability, and another person adding encouragement — not only a sense of, “you can do it,” but “you can do it because this is who you are and how we experience you.”

Then somehow, that snowballed in a lovely, spontaneous way. The rest of the call, perhaps the last twenty minutes, became a collective opportunity for all participants to affirm every member. The facilitators couldn’t have planned this if we tried. It just happened, and it felt like joy.

Life is too short, and we’ve gone through too many things even just this year, to let those meaningful affirmations go unnoticed and unvoiced. Let’s share them.

Renee Roederer

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