Every Day (CW: Covid Loss)

Burning Candles In Church Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures
Image Description: Many tealight candles burning. Public domain image.

At one point this weekend, I was talking with someone who seems to think that people’s pandemic precautions have been overblown. He had gotten vaccinated, but he felt as though people have been overreacting about all of this over the last year and a half

Yet right now, we are losing a 9-11 amount of people nearly every single day to this illness. Of course, each of those people have names and are loved.

A few days ago, I saw someone pointing this out on Twitter. Each year on this date, we rightfully pause and remember those who died on September 11, 2001. But we don’t always have the ability, and sometimes, the willingness, to have collective morning for those who are dying daily. How do we wrap our minds around this much loss? It’s hard to do.

And so I pause to remember those who died 20 years ago and to remember those who are dying today.

Renee Roederer

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