1 in 500 (CW: COVID Deaths)

This image reads, “Coronavirus — 1 in 500 Americans have died of covid,”
The Washington Post.

This is a heartbreaking statistic shared by The Washington Post, and I don’t think we’ve had many, if any, ways to honor this intense level of collective grief.

1 in 500 Americans has died from COVID-19.

And in addition to this number, an even larger number of people have long term symptoms and disabling impacts.

The grief is deeply personal for those who have lost a loved one. And for all of us, it is broad, sweeping, and collective. This trauma is a part of our lives.

We can pause and remember people.

We can slow down.

We can reach out to loved ones.

We can cry.

We can express anger.

We can share words of kindness and tenderness with one another.

We are all impacted by this. Some people and families are upended by this. Let’s pause, remember, and honor them today. ❤️

Renee Roederer

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