A Way to Be Culturally Subversive

Mentor,help, Climbing, Hand
Image Description: Two silhouettes; One is helping pull another up while climbing a rock. There’s a blue, starry sky in the background.

Truly, a way to be culturally subversive…

Ask for help — for what you need. Big things and small things. Do it frequently. Invite people into your needs, and trust (even if you feel those cultural messages begin to rise within you) that it gives people joy, gratitude, and a sense of connection to be asked to help you.

(Don’t you feel that way when people ask you for help? Why should you believe you’re the one exception?)

So be culturally subversive —
Face those internalized messages head on,
That you’re somehow burdensome
or a bother,
or asking too much,
or being too much.

Face it, and be a full-time, authentic rebel,
Need it,
Name it,
Ask it.

Renee Roederer

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