Welcome to NOvember

Yes No Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures
Image Description: The words “Yes” and “No” written on a green chalkboard. “No
is underlined. Public domain image.

It’s a new month.

This month, I’ve decided to reflect upon, choose, and act upon what it means to say, “No.”

This might mean…
— saying no to tasks that aren’t best for us to do,
— saying no to what brings down our energy,
— saying no to beliefs that no longer serve us,
— saying no to narratives (external, internal, or cultural) that are painful distortions,
— saying no to injustices,
— saying no to systemic ways of doing harm,
— saying no to old patterns we no longer want,
— saying no to doing too much,
— saying no to unreasonable expectations,
— saying no to… (fill in the blank)

And I’m also going to reflect upon, choose, and act upon this realization:
When we say “no,” to some things, we are making way to say “yes” to other things.

We are making space for our best affirmations, intentions, and priorities.

Want to ponder this with me?

Renee Roederer

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