Figs Aren’t Vegan

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This is an addendum to yesterday’s post, entitled, “Absurd But True.” In that post, I shared a list of absurd-but-true fun facts. One of them was this:

“Figs aren’t considered vegan because they have dead wasps inside.”

I said nothing less, and I said nothing more.

I posted these absurd-but-true fun facts on social media, and people kind of freaked out about this one in a humorous way. They were just utterly bewildered by this new-to-them news. “I’m never eating figs again!” people seemed to say, as they imagined wasp parts in them. “How do they get out?” someone exclaimed. That’s when someone chimed in and said,

“They don’t. The figs dissolve them. “

It’s true.

You can read about that here. Figs use trapped wasps for pollination.

So here’s where I’m going with this… and this thought is most definitely new to me… When we hear, “Figs aren’t vegan,” this means much more than “vegans don’t eat figs.”

It also means FIGS AREN’T VEGANS.

Renee Roederer

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