Pour It Out

Image Description: A gray wishing rock with a white band around it in the middle rests in a red bowl of water on a brown table.

Rituals can be so helpful.

I joined a group of women over Zoom. They are rooted in the Jewish renewal movement, and they are masters of reflection, spiritual practice, and care for our bodies. We sang and danced last night, each one of us in our own homes, and we discussed our hopes for this new year, all while honoring pains of the pandemic. We know we still carry those into this present moment.

At one point, we each held a rock in our hands, and we imagined that we were placing all our pains and difficulties from 2021 into that rock. Then we put the rock in a bowl of water. We imagined that the water was purifying the rock, and we were invited to take some time after the Zoom gathering to pour out that water with intention, releasing those memories and feelings.

I did not pour out the water gently. After the Zoom, I opened my front door and flung that water out with some force. I imagined throwing toxicity out the door, and it felt really good.

If it would help you to do something similar, I extend the invitation.

Pour it out.

Fling it out!

Renee Roederer

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