Joyful Perseverance

Hot air balloons spell out the word “Joy” in the sky; Public domain image.

Dwight L. Wilson, one of my mentors, is publishing a book of modern psalms under the title, “Joyful Perseverance.” I believe those words convey so much, and this includes as many questions as declarations.

How do we experience joy in an era when we are working to persevere?

When we’ve come through difficulty, is there a certain type of joy on the other side?

Is perseverance itself joyful? Can resilience feel joyful in our bodies? In our communities?

Can joy and perseverance coexist?

Can we share the benefits of each other’s joy, even in a time when perseverance is paramount and requiring much of our energy?

Can communities persevere by upholding occasions to celebrate and delight in their members?

Many questions and many stories could fall under the title, “Joyful Perseverance.” I only know this — when we have moments to celebrate life and the gift of each other, it’s important to make joy-filled space for it.

Renee Roederer

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