Sacrosanct Downtime

No photo description available.
Image Description: In the foreground is a white mug on a table that reads, “Coffee from Hell” in black letters. It’s from Hell, Michigan 🙂 In the background is a space heater that looks like a fireplace and a bookshelf with books.

I love to wake up early, sit in my little nook room on a couch near a fireplace-looking space heater, drink some morning coffee, and have some time to myself. I truly love it. I am an extrovert, and I do care work. I spend so much of my day in communication with people, hearing their big needs and personal celebrations, and I do this joyfully.

But I also love this early morning window of introversion. I need it. It’s necessary.

What is your sacrosanct downtime? What does it look like? What do you do? What do you not do?

Renee Roederer

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