Slow Mail Affirmations

May be art of twilight and water
Image Description: I’m holding a Bob Ross card in my hand. It has a painting of an ocean scene with a sunrise.

I’ve never been a big, send-cards-in-the-mail person. I confess that I never do Christmas cards, though many wonderful people send them my way, and I’m grateful for those. And in addition to the holiday time, I’ve received a lot of kind, out-of-the-blue cards during the pandemic. Even more recently, I’ve received some meaningful birthday cards.

Then recently, I’ve become a sender too.

When I was in Texas for Christmas, my chosen family gave me some Bob Ross cards. They have Bob Ross paintings on the front, and cute, little Bob Ross cards quotes inside. I’ve been sending these to community members, saying affirmations and words of appreciation. They’ve meant a lot to people.

This has also been fun to me. And this is a reminder, card or not, that surprise words of connection or affirmation mean a lot — both in the giving and the receiving.

I don’t know if you’re a card person or not, but perhaps we could prioritize sharing some words of affirmation with someone today? This is especially lovely if they’re not expecting it.

Renee Roederer

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