There are times in our lives when we need to live a stance like this:

“I’m not done with you, but I’m done with this.”

“I’m not done with you all, but I’m done with what you’re doing right now.”

“I’m not done with this vision, but I’m done with these dynamics.”

“I’m not done with hoping, but I’m done with this thing I never hoped for.”

“I’m not done with me (self love) but I want to be done with this pattern/expression/unconscious behavior/lack of self love.”

It takes strength to hold to both sides of this, and we might need to come back to both sides of this stance multiple times in order to recommit or adjust in the ways we feel are helpful for the situation. We may need others to help us with this too. When we hold to these and live them, we invite transformation. That is certainly true for ourselves, but it can be true within relationships and communities too.

Renee Roederer

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