Image Description: Paper cut outs of people all connected, as if they are lining up and holding hands. There’s a light shining from behind them, casting an orange shadow. Public domain.

Sometimes in group settings, I’ll invite people to introduce themselves by sharing their name and a community that’s important in their lives. I often mention that every community gathering represents a community of communities. There are always more influences of people in the room (or the Zoom) than are visible.

With whom am I in communion? — In this moment? In this activity? In this setting?
Whose influence is present? — Before me? Within me? Among us? Around us?

These are my questions for the season of Lent, which starts today. I want to be more aware of this. I also want to honor this intentionally. When we are mindful of the presence of those before us and among us, we live more deeply in relationship. When we are aware of people beyond us, we feel more connected, inspired, and loved. And I use the word ‘communion’ because I think there is something both sacred and every-day-on-the-ground about this. Among other things, I think that’s what communion is about — a meeting of what is spiritual and most true with what is embodied and right here.

With whom are we in communion?

Renee Roederer

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