The Precise Moment

Image Description: A clock face reads 4:42. A tall sky scraper is in the background.

There was a precise moment when I knew I had completely arrived in adulthood. It was the moment I bought a mattress. (This also makes me laugh). As I was moving through various mattresses in the mattress store, lying on them one by one to try them out, I thought, “Move over, emerging adulthood. This is the moment when I am an all-the-way adult

I thought of this again this week. Have you ever had a precise moment when you realize something has changed?

Early this week, I received an invitation in my inbox. I was invited to attend the neurosurgeon conference at Henry Ford Health System and present to them about this year’s educational initiatives at the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan. I did that yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed our time together.

And I thought, “This is the precise moment when I know I’ve made a career change.”

The previous pieces are still there, but yes, this is different. I also love it.

Renee Roederer

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