Protecting Trans People

Yesterday was Trans Day of Visibility, but many of the trans people in my life didn’t feel good about it. Visibility without protection is danger.

There is an organized, intentional effort to put dangerous forms of legislation in place all around the country, and transphobia is being wielded to make trans people, trans children, and their parents all suspect. Some of this legislation attempts to keep them from healthcare resources they need.

I saw this beautiful piece on Instagram yesterday from @ezra.furman.visions, and I thought I would share that. A world of protected visibility for trans people would look like this:

It reads,

Trans day of uncontrollable laughter. Trans day of structures of love solid as rock. Trans day of looking after one another even with nothing’s wrong at all. Trans day of dancing until your sweat surely contains detectable traces of the music playing. Trans day of direct access to divinity. Trans day of angelic clarity of mission. Trans day of the unkillable smile. Trans day of the wilderness doesn’t care what anyone calls it. Trans day of good food we made together. Trans day of playing with animals. Trans day of everyday life as prayer in itself. Trans day of spinning in circles whirling and whirling out beyond any boundaries they drew for us.

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