20 Years Ago

Here’s a simple image of a tree. Nothing too exciting, though its roots and its shade are lovely. This tree stands outside of the School of Music at the University of Louisville.

On April 2, 2002, I sat under this tree and made a decision that I would go to seminary, and that was exactly 20 years ago today. I did indeed move in that direction a few years after my college graduation, and it set much in motion within my life. My larger sense of calling has taken a number of turns since that day, and twenty years later, that’s put me in some unique places and positions that I wouldn’t have anticipated at the time.

I honor this moment because it brought a lot of people into my life. It brought chapters of unfolding visions into my life. It set change in motion, not only because I decided this is what was next for me, but it set me on a path of numerous changes — internal changes inside me, deeper ways of viewing life and spirituality, multiple places I eventually would call home, and introductions to people I cannot imagine life without.

I’m grateful to honor this decision point from half my life ago. It’s led me in a lot of meaningful directions.

Renee Roederer

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