#AccessIsLove: God Is Disabled

Yesterday, at a local church in Saline, Michigan, I had the occasion to speak on John 20:19-31. In that story, Jesus shows his crucifixion wounds to Thomas and the other disciples. It made me think of this post again, and I’d love to share it, particularly if you find it uplifting or you find yourself affirmed within it. Thanks for reading.

Smuggling Grace

sorrowful mystery[This painting is entitled, ‘Crocifissione”(”Crucifixion”) by Gerardo Dottori and is in the Vatican Museum. Image description: Jesus is hanging on the cross with his head tilted to the left side. The cross and his body are shades of blue in front of a red background. There is a beam of light coming down in the shape of the triangle, lighting his body and two women who are kneeling at the foot of the cross. One is looking up and to the left. The other is looking down and to the right.]

Today, we close a five-part series entitled #AccessIsLove. This series is part of the larger #AccessIsLove campaign initiated by Mia Mingus, Sandy Ho, and Alice Wong, three disabled activists who invite us to frame accessibility as an act of love and a priority for moral inclusion — not an afterthought, not a burden, and not an inconvenience to be…

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