An April Suitcase

Image Description: Gray, carry-on size, rolling luggage.

A while back, I shared here about my year of surprises in 2022. For my milestone birthday this year, I asked my loved ones to pick a random month of the year and surprise me with something during that time. I shared that these things don’t need to be big or monumental. Some of my favorites so far have been surprise meals and surprise outings.

But then yesterday, I received a suitcase. It’s a brand new suitcase, delivered to my door from states away thanks to the kindness of one very favorite people. And I needed one too! The handle of my previous, carry-on rolly was damaged after many years of use.

So now I have a nice new one!

And I just absolutely loved how unexpected it was. Now I have an April suitcase!

Renee Roederer

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