Jacob Collier Concert (Part 2)

Yesterday, I wrote about my experience in attending a Jacob Collier concert over the weekend, and I reflected on the connection between mastery and play. I wanted to name another aspect of the concert too. I was really moved by his own sense of gratitude about the concert.

I’ve already shared how wildly talented Jacob Collier is as a multi-instrumentalist who writes music in all kinds of genres. He also comes across as so humble and reflective. Right before the finale, he took an extended amount of time to introduce the bandmates that he brought on tour with him, not only mentioning what they add musically, but talking about each one and what he appreciates about them as humans. Lovely. Then he did the same thing about the person who runs the sound. Then he did the same thing about the person who does the lights.

Any manager would likely say, “It’s great that you’re giving nods to them, but shorten that up because you don’t want to lose the momentum before the finale.” But it was that important to him, and it was so classy and wonderful. He also thanked us for giving him this experience.

I loved the music on Saturday. I also felt like Jacob Collier modeled so much. Mastery, play, respect, aliveness, humility, creativity, and gratitude. It just really made me want those things too.

What a great concert.

2 thoughts on “Jacob Collier Concert (Part 2)

  1. Love this! I have never heard a performer thank an audience for the experience we gave them! But it is true, that it should be a mutual thing.

    Sounds like an incredibly humble guy … and I love this post talks about everything but the music 😊


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