“You Make Me Wise”

Image Description: A unicorn with rainbow hair.

I have a unicorn job.

Actually, the other day, I told a friend that my job is “unicorn squared.” I am so fortunate to have a rare job on more than one front. I don’t intend to share that as bragging, but rather, to say that I’m grateful, and this shouldn’t be a rarity.

My position at the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan is unicorn squared because 1) every day feels impactful, and 2) this is the best workplace culture and environment I know. I am sincerely grateful for both of these.

But it’s also unicorn cubed: I benefit and grow from getting to know the people I encounter in this position. The other day, I was on the phone with one of our community members when I heard a thought emerge from within me: “You make me wise.”

I am learning from our community daily. Their wisdom adds to mine as I internalize what they have to share. They are my best teachers. I am really grateful for the privilege of knowing them.

Renee Roederer

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