While riding a train, Jacob Collier’s rendition of “Here Comes the Sun” emerged as I pushed the shuffle button in my Spotify library. I was close to arriving at home.

“I want less striving,” I thought to myself while listening. “And more resting.”

And I realized that I mean something deeper than getting more sleep, recreation, and unstructured time — though absolutely, yes to all of those. Here Comes the Sun… There’s a sense of relief in the lyrics and the music. Here it comes… Finally.

I want to rest in a sense of culmination. Yes, deep rest and relief into the knowledge that goodness is emerging from all of the previous working, yearning, hoping, building, and dreaming. Even as there are challenges — and so much of it heaped onto us in these days –aren’t the many goodnesses among us and around us culminations of these?

I want that rest. I want those culminations.

Renee Roederer

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