My Weird, On Brand Welcome Wagon

A multicolored welcome mat. Public domain.

I took the elevator up 20 floors, stepped out, and opened the door to the AirBnb where a friend and I would be staying for the next two days. Our host greeted us as he walked toward the door from the kitchen.

“Hi! Glad you’re here,” he said.

“Thanks,” I replied. “Welcome!”

Wait, what? Did I just say, “Welcome,” to our host inside his own apartment? Yes, I did. So weird.

I was embarrassed and laughed. “Why did I say that to you?” We all laughed.

I like the Enneagram. It’s a personality profile that types people according to their primary motivations. In addition to the 9 primary types, there are subtypes too. My subtype is called “The Host.”

So I guess I just went on autopilot. Or my mirror neurons did something strange right as he was welcoming us. Either way, that was a weird, on brand welcome wagon moment from me.

Renee Roederer

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