2 thoughts on “Today in Nature

  1. The color palette in the second one is SO pretty! Each of your photos would make amazing notecards, but I especially like the cheer in this one.  I also have pink hydrangeas — someone told me I could bring those inside and place them with no water and they would dry beautifully (hers had, and have lasted a year.) I did it, but it is not looking like mine are working out 🙂  I have some art I came across I will share with you later — I was thinking of you, because one place on her site she takes nature photos and shares the pallete of the colors from it.  (The site is beverlyashgilbert.com if you want to take a look.)  I will get back to you on that, because it is a longer story 🙂  Have a great morning! Mar 


  2. I look forward to hearing that story. I got a new phone last week with an even better camera, so I think these could be put on notecards well just as you mentioned (and maybe one of those calendars for next year). I really enjoy taking these, and the flowers were especially gorgeous at this park.


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