Virtual Friendship is Real Friendship

Over the weekend, I had a chance to meet with some people I’ve never met in person, and it was delightful. The Young Adult Call and Connect Group from the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan has been connecting together over Zoom for the last two years, and this was our chance to gather together off the screen. These young adults made a team for the Grand Rapids Stroll for Epilepsy. (And they called themselves the Young Adult Krew so they could be the Yaks. Their shirts were cute).

We would have met over Zoom regardless of Covid because people live in different parts of the state. But these friendships have taken root and been really meaningful, so they wanted to make the effort to gather in person for this event.

When I saw them together, I realized that this was the first time I was meeting many of them in person, but that didn’t feel true. I was reminded that virtual friendship is real friendship, and the ties can run deep. And I’m grateful for this.

Renee Roederer

One thought on “Virtual Friendship is Real Friendship

  1. That is so true. When Covid struck, our Wednesday morning church group met virtually. We lost some people and added some, but what I found that there was true sharing, closeness and trust that developed among the group. When we were so isolated, it was especially meaningful. There were sometimes when Wednesday morning was the highlight of my week.


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