My Hair is a Midwesterner Too

My hair is a Midwesterner too. You know how I know this? Because it said, “Ope, let me just sneak right past ya.” With the GRAY.

I just noticed last week that my roots are a lighter color than the rest of my hair. A grayer-brown is coming in. And I hadn’t noticed at all for a good while. It did really Ope itself into a sneak-right-by.

It’s actually not super noticeable yet, especially in the light, but now I’ve noticed. I’m also relatively fine with this, because I welcome aging generally. But… I’ve also liked my hair the way it is. I was additionally going to get blonde highlights sometime this summer. I think I’m still going to do that.

I shared this with some friends, assuming that my gray revelation is pretty early at my age, but lots of them have said, “Wait, this is just starting for you?” They’ve already been there.

Welcome to the club, Midwestern Mop.

Renee Roederer

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